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    Flex mobile app and Capabilities.screenResolutionX

    Flex Joe Joe

      here I want to do some resolution specific things for an iOS application. expect getting 768x1024 for ipad and 640x960 for iphone4


      when playing with stage.stageWidth, thing goes fine.

      somehow I heard that I should use Capabilities.screenResolutionX

      so I change the code


      now the problem is when I run the app by Flash builder's built in simulator, Capabilities.screenResolutionX and Capabilities.screenResolutionY return the dimension of my DESKTOP! not the size of iOS device. (stage.stageWidth returns the correct result though)


      what do you guys think?? is it the bug of flash builder (4.5.1) (or the simulator) or am I doing something stupid??
      please help, thanks