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    Why Does AE Insist On Saving Project?

    SpareWheel Level 2

      Using Production Premium 5.5


      Everytime I "Replace with After Effects Compostion" in Prem Pro it takes an age (up to a minute) before it imports into AE because it insists on "Saving Project" when it flips to AE. Why? Which project is it saving - AE or PremPro? And why is it taking so long... what it says as 10 seconds is often three times that long or more... it just chugs on and slows my work down terribly. Never had this in CS4.


      Clips are mpeg (HDV capture) no more than about 20 seconds in length on average. Intel i970, 12Gb RAM, 5 drive setup (cache and pagefile on software Raid 0). Disks not even half full.


      I've cleaned cache, database, purged All, but still it wants to save, even though AE indicates there is no new or updated file to save.


      This is annoying.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This works faster if AE is already open and dynamic link has already been invoked. IOW, the first time you select replace with AE comp it will take a little while. As long as you keep both AE and PPro open the function should run smoothly. Make sure that you always have the same AE project open to keep dynamic link pointing to only one project.


          PPro can take a while to save if you have a lot of assets scattered all over the place but the save when going to a dynamic link project shouldn't take any longer than normal.

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            SpareWheel Level 2

            Thank you Rick.


            But I already keep AE open - dedicated AE file for the project I am working on. I am not trying to call a new AE project with each "Replace".


            I am also finding (in what is probably an unrelated issue) that almost every time the Prem Pro timeline plays a section with AE Dynamic Linking I get a choppy playback (GTX 580 with latest driver installed). Probably a disk read issue by the look. The more linking, the more this seems to be - however, my main issue is the Save Project matter.


            Why does it keep doing this?





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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              What are your Memory & Multiprocessing settings? My first guess is that things are taking so long because you've overcommitted your RAM and a lot of time is wasted swapping the contents of RAM to the hard disk.


              See this:


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                SpareWheel Level 2

                Thank you for additional information Todd and the links.


                So here's the update. I originally had memory & Multiple settings set to 6gb for each AE and PremPro app. When I activated "Multiple Frames Render the PC momentarily blue screened and now, no matter what settings I make I keep getting a Runtime Error and a message telling me the Dynamic Links Manager has stopped working - great.


                Now all my dynamic links in my PremPro project are "Offline" and eveytime I try to recover them by "Link Media" it crashes AE.


                Now it falls over totally. Guess I've tweeked it so hard it broke the nut.


                More than irritating



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                  SpareWheel Level 2



                  PremPro loads with a message: Runtime Error!  C:\Program\Files (x86)... Then goes to close program saying Dynamiclinkmanager has stopped working.


                  If I over ride this I can start Prem Pro but my dynamic links are all offline and when I try to link media, Prem Pro crashes.


                  Hmm... Now what?



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                    SpareWheel Level 2

                    All my Adobe Apps using Dynamic Links are rendered unusable. AE, En and Prem Pro all come up with runtime errors as above.


                    Can anyone help me please? This is now starting to cost me my income. How do I restart the dynamiclinkmanager?





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                      Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                      If getting a solution is so urgent for you, you should contact Adobe Technical Support:


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                        SpareWheel Level 2

                        Thank you Todd.


                        Not to sound ungrateful (as I have found in the past very helpful and informed solutions here in the Help Forums), when technical support is not available such as over the weekends (here in the UK), users have no where to go during this time to get a solution to what is a software-busting issue for projects with deadlines - such is the nature of software and tools aimed and described for use of and by professionals.


                        What was a previously irritating matter has now escalated into a major issue which no doubt will take time over the phone with Tech Support after I have exhausted my own troubleshooting.


                        Thanks for your continuing help.





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                          SpareWheel Level 2

                          Okay, so here is the update:


                          It did appear that my upgrade Production Premium software was not fully installed due (apparently) my not having full Admin priveleges - go figure as I login with exactly that. The on-the-phone support guys (as usual) were great - but as expected it did take over (combined) about 2 hours out of our lives. But why were they asking me why I still had CS4 installed? Why was other information gathered saying I need to keep CS4 installed in order for CS5.5 upgrade to "recognise" I have previously authenticated product - sigh?!


                          So the major issue that I blue screened a couple of times with Runtime errors when I changed the memory settings seemingly is resolved - after about 5 re-installs. Oh, and by the way: the new script cleaning tool does not fully script clean - another go figure.


                          What I do find is:


                          1. CS5.5 requires much more RAM than CS4.


                          2. That the Dynamic Link function between Prem Pro and AE is unstable (in my experience) as it was in CS4. What is link one time is unlinked the next. What is online can be offline the next time you load your project or even from one "Replace with After Effects Composition" to the next - so much so that I have given up on Dynamic Linking and render out the AE composition and then bring it back into Prem Pro. At least I can guarantee I have footage, which really defeats the purpose of having the Dynamic Link function at all. Even now I am looking at a number of compositions that were "online" and linked the last time, then I went "Replace with After Effects Composition" for another insert and are now showing offline - and the only way to retrieve them is to go "Link Media" (AGAIN!).


                          At the time of my first issues with DL I ran 12GB of RAM. I have now purchased 24GB of Corsair RAM kit recommended for my MB (and yes, my Asus P6T maxed at 16GB which is what I expected for the P6T even though Corsair and Asus are ambiguous).


                          A slight improvement in preformance, but I still lose Dynamic Links as described previously. So now I will purchase a Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 (I need the additional SATA connections and PCI X slot upgrade so there are other reasons for spending yet more money). But I will not hold my breath about the reliable functionality of DL. Hopefully, Adobe will have finally sorted this by CS6! Please...




                          If any Adobe Employer wishes to know my Case number I will be pleased to provide.