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    Frustrated with adobe sales India

    Dhawal Jaiswal

      From last 14 days I am trying to get any reseller to provide me upgrade to master collection cs5.5 from cs5, but non of them are interested, they are passing from one guy to another and in the end saying they aren't interested. I tried to contact Redigton India, Ingram micro India, Softcell(award winner partner of adobe) and non of them are interested. I tried to contact India's customer service number, they said they can't do anything other than showing me reseller page listing, only way to purchase is via resellers. I am stucked! , I felt like I can't do anything now in order to upgrade. I invested a lot on adobe products and It doesn't feel good to be treated like this. 

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          Hi Dhawal, Pls connect with me on vineets@adobe.com  and send your coordinates. I will get someone to attend to you. Rgds Vineet Sood

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            Dhawal Jaiswal Level 1

            Thanks, after trying some resellers from west zone (mumbai) with no luck, I contacted Aditi Computers from New Delhi and they responded my request much quicker than past resellers, but they said it would take 3weeks and require 100% advance payment (finally I agreed those condition), but they still won't be able to change platform of my product (windows to mac) by product exchange even after upgrade.

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              vineetsood Level 1

              Hi Dhaval, Please send us your contact numbers to talk to you and solve the situation. Vs

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                Dhawal Jaiswal Level 1

                #1. Its Not OEM or Educational version. Its box which adversised on adobe.com website (Commercial version bought from authorized adobe reseller).

                #2. I ordered Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 upgrade from CS5 Master Coll from aditi computer they haven't shipped me that yet, but they said they will after 3 weeks.

                #3. I would like to swap platform from windows to mac once I upgraded, today I chat with someone on customer service and they said I can do platform swap for my product it just need to be current version. here is another place I found that I can do that.




                I am posting these points to clear one fog about this issue once for all, I got your mail you said that only volume liecense is right version all other are Shrink version and I asked that from customer service and got reply that shrink version is educational or oem version.


                EDIT: Its navneet shah you asked to talk with me, he isn't getting correct. This is what he said.

                Shrink is Retail Box Product. There is no Cross Platform Migration in Shrink as it’s a Retail box and once opened cannot be changed or replaced.


                Cross Platform Upgrade is possible only in Licences.


                As per Adobe Volume License program, even a customer who is looking for 1 Single User can buy Paper License under this program.






                He don't even know about commercial box version adobe sell.

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                  vineetsood Level 1

                  Hi Dhawal, Shrink (box) product comes as Commercial, Education or OEM version. You probably have purchased Commercial box. . These Shrink Products are OS specific and while buying the shrink products customer needs to specify the OS. You asked for Windows and same was supplied to you. There is no Cross Platform migration facility for Shrink product. Rgds Vineet

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                    Pravin Mandlik

                    Hi Dhawal


                    As a company we follow a policy to deal with only corporate customers hence there might be a slippage from our side on the response.

                    However I am equally concerned on the quality of response received from either of my team members.


                    I take this as a feedback and we shall work upon to provide a better response going forward.


                    I shall urge you to provide your contact details so that I can initiate a dialogue with you to get a better understanding on the incident, to avoid any such incidence in the future.


                    alternatively you might want to reach me on my contact details given below.


                    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.



                    Pravin Mandlik

                    Adobe Product Manager