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    Bug with nested lists?

    sci fi cafe

      I've noticed something odd with nested lists in Adobe Digital Editions ( pc ver in an ePUB I'm working on.


      I have an ORDERED list, and then within that an UNORDERED list. The UNordered list, although appearing indented is shown with NUMBERS, continuing on from where the parent list left off rather than bullets.


      I'm pretty sure my HTML is correct:


          <li>List item.</li>
          <li>List item.</li>
           <li>List item.</li>
           <li>List item.
              <li>Unordered list</li>
              <li>Unordered list</li>
               <li>Unordered list</li>


      The HTML looks fine in a browser and when built into a MOBI, renders properly on a Kindle.


      Anyonw know what's going on here or have a SAFE workaround?


      Also, what's the procedure for letting Adobe know of any bugs? I've found a few things in ADE that don't render properly and that's REALLY bad for my business crating eBooks when the "industry standard viewer" can't render lists or characters with certain accents.