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    Choosing a UPS (uninterrupted power supply).

    screeen Level 1

      I am now exploring UPS brands for Darling - my new machine, which has an 850W PSU and a monitor that uses a maximum of 138W (Dell U2711).


      I am currently in Israel, which has 230Volts in its sockets, fluctuating over and under that by 10%, presumably.


      Power failures happen here more often than in the US or in the UK, though not with such dramatic consequences (so far), though fluctuations can be radical, i hear.

      In any case, and to preserve my new machine from sudden power failures, i will get a UPS despite the cost (and it has been taxing). So, i've done a bit of research to become informed that in my search, i should be looking for the following elements in a good UPS:


      that it is locally produced, i.e with knowledge of local electricity supply and behavior,

      that is has an ISO (organization setting international standards),

      that it has online UPS, i.e. it disconnects my machine from the local electricity network and converts that local electricity in a controlled manner to be used by my machine;

      that it has an "automatic bypass" which means that if the UPS itself goes faulty, it doesnt turn off my machine,

      that it has a "static switch" - i forgot what that's about,

      that it has automatic shutdown drivers i.e. software which i can install on my machine to make the machine recognize that local power (the electricity supplied by the Israeli electric company) has been shut off and that all programs opened on my machine are shut down in an orderly fashion.


      This is particulrly important considering that i often put my computer to sleep and in case there is a power failure while the computer's asleep, and i wont be by its side to close opened programs, that it will know to do shutdown properly on its own.

      Finally, verify the kind of warranty you get for the batteries, and try for onsite service, since the batteries are most important in a UPS, as they convert and supply electricity, producing that additional half hour or twenty minutes necessary for saving work and proper shutdown.


      If there are additional things that i should be thinking  about in my search for a good UPS, please let me known.


      Also, please recommend any UPS brand or type that you are aware of as being good, so that i may compare its qualities to those manufactured here in Israel.