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    Interaction between InDesign and Flash CS5

    Loveanie Level 1

      To all the InDesign/Flash users: I have a question for you...


      I've been asked something by a client: He would like to add a Google Analytics on a Flash file to track users. He cannot do it in the HTML ('cause he only creates the .swf file and doesn't have access to the HTML file), so he needs to do it in the .fla file. He has found the ActionScript code to do so, but there's a problem...


      From InDesign, he needs to export as .swf, because he wants to have the Page Curl effect (and I think some other features also) that he looses if he exports to .fla.


      The .swf alone works well. But as soon as we try to import it in Flash (in another .fla), it looses all it's attributes/codes and just import the layout (that keeps moving from page to page)...


      If I open it in a decompiler (SWF Decompiler), it shows me there is some ActionScript code, but even then, if I decompile it and export it as a .fla, when I open I loose all the interactions (like the imported .swf).


      It's the first time I see something like that. What does InDesign do to the .swf file? How can we solve that problem?


      Any help will be welcomed (I'm not a InDesign user...).