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    fx TimeCode In Premiere CS5.5 - Non Linear Evolution (Jumps Every 24 Frames) ?


      Hi, Can anyone please provide some feedback on an issue I am having with an fx TimeCode that I have placed in a video clip of a sporting event? I have set the TimeCode to SMPTE format with the source set as either "Cip" or "Generate" and the TimeCode display is set to 25. The timer starts at a specific point in the event and runs through just past the end of the event. If I advance the video one frame at a time the timer follows this in a linear manner with increments of 0.01 seconds per frame for 24 frames then the timer jumps by 0.76 seconds when advancing to the 25th frame. It seems as though the timer is compensating every 25th frame to keep in synchrony with real time in the video. My thought were that the timer should advance by 0.04 seconds per frame for a 25fps video in true linear manner without these large incremental jumps? Is there any setting I can use to get the time to advance in linear manner by 0.04 secs per frame instead of 0.01 secs per frame for the 1st 24 frames followed by this large jump of 0.76 secs on the 25th frame? I am trying to extract timings at the granularity of hundredths of a second so any help in resolving this would be most appreciated. Rgds