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    clip waveform in source monitor

    denez mcadoo Level 1

      How to I get a video clip's audio wave form to display in the Source monitor so I can edit to the audio. I'm aware that I can Alt+click just the audio in the timeline to bring it up in the Source monitor (this is what I want), but doing this seperates it from the video - if I adjust the in and out points, it affects just the audio not the video.


      Also, on a related note, any suggestions on how to add edits directly in this source audio view? What I mean is that I often edit interview clips into the timeline, and later need to edit out small sections, false starts, divergences, er's and um's, tighen pauses, etc, and I need the cuts to be exact. However, the blade tool does not work in this window, so instead I end up placing two markers, then selecting the blade tool, go into the time line, and then make the cuts. I would love it if I could just make the cuts directly in this window.