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    Script worked in Abobe 7 & 8; not in 10



      I have a program that produces hundreds of pdfs with each run.  Each pdf consists of between 10 and 1,000 ps files.  The creation of the ps files is done in a Microsoft Access database.  The database sends individual reports as ps files to a watched folder.  There are four different reports for each minor group and between 1 and 100 minor groups to a major group.  Each major group gets one pdf.  In order to signal to Distiller to take action the following script was used:


      /PathName (C:\Documents and Settings\X646894\EPEPEBuild/PostScript/*.ps) def

      /RunDir {
      { /mysave save def
                dup = flush
                clear cleardictstack
                mysave restore
      255 string
      } def

      PathName RunDir


      This has been successful since 2005.  We were just upgraded to Adobe Pro X.  The script no longer works.   I need to either get help to convert the script so it will work with Distiller X or I need to get a reference to the Distiller scriping language in Adobe Distiller X so I can try to figure this out.

      Thank you for your help,


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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Exactly what is your problem?


          Does your VBA script place the files in the expected watched folder?


          Does distiller fail to distill the created file?

          Do you keep the log files on failure?


          Distiller does not find the watched directory?


          What is the version of MS Office that you are using?


          For watched files, ever since version 4, there are 2 added subdirectories to the watched folder an 'IN" and "OUT" both created by distiller. The PS file goes into the "In" directory and the PDF, PS and log are placed in the 'Out' subdirectory. I would expect your directory to the 'in' directory for the watched folder 'C:\Documents and Settings\X646894\EPEPEBuild' would have to be


          C:\Documents and Settings\X646894\EPEPEBuild/PostScript/in/*.ps

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            WFDS1 Level 1


            Great to hear from you.

            The Microsoft Access program is Microsoft Access 2003

            The VBA Code sends a series of ps files to the folder:

                 C:\Documents and Settings\X646844\EPEPEBUild\Postscript

                      the files created are titled:

                           001.ps; 002.ps; 003.ps; ... Nnn.ps

            When a complete set of ps files are created for a specific customer the text shown in the txt files I've attached is sent to the same directory.  With Distiller 7 and 8 this caused Distiller to combine the ps files into a single pdf and name it based on the information in the text file.


            With the conversion to Distiller X, this no longer works.

            Any ideas you can provide are sincerely appreciated.

            Thank you,

            Rick Stevenson