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    pyAMF or zendAMF?




         I am planning to try AMF in flex in an upcoming project. But I am confused on which server side language to choose. I have python and php as my choices. I could see some advantages in both sides. One minus point I see over python is that I need to have the server process up and running as a user process where as in php, this is handled by the default http server I beleive, so I dont have to run anything separately. I am fine with running a separate process but my worry is, will there be any performance issue if there are many number of connections made to that process in parallel compared to php. One plus point over python I have is, my project may have to do lot of server side system commands than only dealing with database. I feel php is mainly for web development. If I do a full project in php and Flex AMF is part of that means I could go for php. But with Flex and AMF, there is no specific need for a web framework on server side. I could still use a scripting language like python and take advantage of its server side operational capablities. As I mentioned before, my only concern for python is chance of performance degradation if there are many parallel connections to that server process.Please clarify which way to go. Also please correct me if any of my point are wrong. Thanks in advance.