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    SATA Settings

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      I have six Sata 6 HDD installed on a Asus Rampage motherboard.
      Two of the Sata ports are 6 (marvell) red plugs, the rest are Sata 3 (intel)
      So I have already installed the OS on the first IDE Sata 6 that is in ATA, which is now C: and the other Sata 6 is the next drive E: that is now empty.
      The Asus user guide says the two  Sata 6 are set for IDE (which is what it is now), and that is when you want to use the Serial ATA hard drives as Parallel ATA physical storage devices.
      Should I have not used these Sata 6 ports for the C:. Would they be better off as AHCI? Would all of the disk drives be better off in AHCI?
      Most of the information I can find is about installing SSD. Also an advantage would be hot plug. Is this hot swappable?
      I found a work around for changing the IDE to AHCI after OS is installed.
      Is this a good idea? I can then change the setting in the advanced menu for the SATA 6 to AHCI. Then adjust the boot name for the drive if it doesn't do it for me.
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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          NCQ is why AHCI or Raid is better than IDE mode.




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            Islanders66 Level 1

            Ok I was able to change both the 6.0 and 3.0 SATA ports to AHCI. Good to hear that's what I want.


            My Blue Ray disk (LG) is also plugged into one of the SATA 3. I noticed it now says CD DVD drive instead of Blue Ray when it's booting up, and says ATAPI CD-ROM in the BIOS. Is this ok? I don't have any blue ray disk to test it with and havn't any experience with BD. Any more advice on this SATA set up would be appreciated. For the 3.0 SATA plugs there was only the choice for all AHCI.


            I guess the question is am I on the right track here for using 4 disk set up for PP, and two for backup. Then later it can upgrade to RAID card without having to do a clean install of the OS?

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              Ok, I suppose I'll try some place else for any questions. I'm a bit puzzeled at the lack of response for my specific questions. I must have missed some rule or something? oh well thanks anyway! still made some good progress.. I just don't want to keep asking questions if no one is intreted in helping out.

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                I'll take a stab, but you may need to be more specific about your hardware. I tried to look up specs. of your motherboard, and there are many version of Asus Rampage; what exact board are you using? Also, what are all of your "drives"? This indeed does make a difference regarding the "optimum" way to set things up.


                Regarding any Intel chipset SATA ports, Intel does have a utility that can be downloaded (from Asus?) that allows IDE to ACHI and MORE to be done from within Windows.



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                  Islanders66 Level 1

                  Thanks Jim, that is nice of you to respond. Sorry about not providing  enough information. I've been working so hard to try and figure out how  things work and eveyone has been helpful, but sometimes my research  doesn't connect all the dots.


                  The hdds are Hatachi 7K3000




                  The MB is Asus Rampage III Formula.





                  The MB has two Marvell Sata 6Gb ports (red) and 6 Sata 3Gb (Intel)



                  I wasn't sure which ports to use Marvell or Intell and couldn't find any info with my various google searches.


                  The C: is on one of the Marvell 6Gb ports


                  I  used all 8 of the Sata ports (used one for the BluRay and one for an  eSata, because these exteranal ports already had Sata connections)


                  I  was able to change them all to ACHI but really don't know what the  advantage of ACHI or why the MB had IDE for the default for the two  Marvell 6Gb ports? Everything I've read only claims ACHI makes them more  compatible and the choice for SSD.


                  My questions are:


                  Are  SATA ports hot swappable? Can I un plug them and move them around? Is  it ok to use the Marvell 6Gb ports for the C: drive? Is my backup of  C: valid with this configuration, as in will it work if I switch ports  with another HD?


                  Thanks, I'll check out the Intel utility.


                  Sorry  about the confusion. The MB user guide has very little info and I'm not  having a lot of luck with my research although I've stumbled across all  kinds of other interesting situations, but very few are about setting  up multiple storage.


                  I'm impressed with Windows so far. A bit of learning curve but learning how to get around fast enough.



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                    JEShort01 Level 4



                    Are  SATA ports hot swappable?


                    I'd vote no; vendors like to hype this, but I can share from personal experience whenever I connect drives to SATA for backup purposes I just add them and remove them with a cold boot on both ends


                    Can I un plug them and move them around?


                    Between Marvell and Intel - only at your own risk!? I would not without having a good backup or image file available


                    Is  it ok to use the Marvell 6Gb ports for the C: drive? Sure


                    Is my backup of  C: valid with this configuration, as in will it work if I switch ports  with another HD? I would say yes, but this may be somewhat software specific; for example, I use ShadowProtect image backup for my C: (os/programs) backup and it can be restored to about any drive and/or controller known to man; Win7's backup utility however may be MUCH more limited





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                      Islanders66 Level 1

                      Thanks for the information, Jim. That is helpful to understand some  basic guidlines for follow for harddrives.  I'll need to do some more  research to find out what the options and limitations are for the  harddrive.

                      I used to use Retrospect Express for a backup. I'll check out ShadowProject as well.


                      Most of the progams and applications I have used are cross platform as in they are both availble for Mac and Win. I was even able to use my same X marks account with FireFox. Good stuff. I'm just used to understanding my hardware and this is my first use of Sata drives and have already had to do one clean install.