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    Problem with copying section of a pdf file to word


      I have this pdf file, that I've tried to  extract a certain section from into a doc file via copy/paste. Problem  is when I paste the text to word it comes up in an unknown format that's  unreadable. Something like this: "oi i i i ai eae ooii" How do I solve  this?


      p.s. I have checked the properties of the file and came up with these FONTS that it's been using.  Arial and UB-Times (embedded subset) type: true type encoding: ansi. Don't know if this is relative.

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you have Reader, there is nothing you can do if you cannot copy and paste the content. You can try to save the file as text to see if you can get the plain text out of the file.

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            I would try one of the following:


            In Word, select Paste Special from Edit menu and click Unformatted text (the wording may not be exact).




            Try to paste first to Notepad and see whether you can get the text here.


            I haven't had problems with pasting text from Reader. But if there is a problem, and nothing of the above helps, it may be an indication of a deeper problem in the way the text is coded, and then it is not for us, mortals, to have any power over.


            In this case, I can think only of one solution that is not a smart one at all: take a screenshot of the text you need to process and run it through a text recognition software.

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