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    Assertion Error in Presenter

    Brian532 Level 1

      In editing the audio/narration in my presentation, I've been plagued with a message that says "assertion error" and which gives me options to abort, retry or ignore. The audio editing cannot progress past that point. If i click the pause button, the power point freezes and then has to close, losing any unsaved edits. This is really frustrating. Does anyone know why this happens, what to do when it happens or how to avoid or eliminate it from happening?

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          I get the same error and posted the same question on this form over a month ago (June 20th) and haven't had a response. Hope you have better luck with a response than I did.

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            alpi agarwal Adobe Employee

            I tried it again with both imported audio (.mp3 and .wav) as well as recorded narration.

            Did all sorts of editions in the audio but could not get the assertion.

            Please provide the exact steps to produce it. Does it happen always when you edit any audio or if not

            then what is the frequency of this message. What other contents do the slide contain apart from the audio ?

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              Brian532 Level 1

              In my case I think I also had imported a video sidebar clip in one slide when this happened but i cannot say for sure that this was the case each time...I got the message several different times and there may or may not have been video clips in those instances.

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                Brian532 Level 1

                At your suggestion I converted .avi video files to .swf and then imported to presenter slide as sidebar video. This seemed to work fine, however, the problem is, presenter won't let me preview or edit the .swf file prior to publishing the presentation as it does the .avi files. From the beginning, I have not been able to select a start point for video to play within a slide...it always has to start at the beginning of the slide, which makes some slides less effective than they would be otherwise.

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                  viking101 Level 1

                  I'm using a simple Powerpoint slide deck and recording audio using Presenter.


                  I'm using Windows 7, Powerpoint 2010, and Presenter 7.0.6 build 7604.


                  It crashes on me when I'm editing audio using the editor built-in to Presenter.    I click on "Edit" in the "Audio" menu and both record new audio to insert and delete unwanted sections of the audio.  It crashes quite frequently (several times an hour).


                  When it crashes, I get a pop-up message that reads as follows:


                  "Assertion Failed!

                  Program:  Files/MicrosoftOffice\Office14\POWERPNT.EXE

                  File: .\Source\Mp3AudioReader.cpp

                  Line: 126

                  Expression: bufSize > 0

                  For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the VisualC++ documentation on asserts

                  (Press Retry to debug the application – JIT must be enabled)"


                  After  the above message, I receive a message noting that the Adobe Presenter  add-in caused Powerpoint to crasn and prompting me to uninstall  Presenter.




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                    Brian532 Level 1

                    Sounds very much like my experience. The last

                    few days it has not happened, but today I went back to import another video clip into a

                    power point slide (.pptx) and upon opening the presentation, it could not find any of my attachments or video files, so I had to re-import them. The video files were originally in .avi format, but upon importing them the first time, presenter apparently converts them to .flv files. Thankfully the audio files with all of my narration were still there!

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                      VideoPep Level 2



                      Please clarify few points, that will help us understand issue more clearly:-


                      1) Record audio from Adobe Presenter>Record and then edit it from Adobe Presenter>Edit, then only Assertion appear ? Or even if you import audio from Adobe Presenter>import and then edit it from Adobe Presenter>Edit. In summary editing any recorded or imported audio causing assertion?


                      2) At what point of editing you are getting Assertion. Like at time of deleteing , copy,paste,add new audio, insert silence?




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                        Brian532 Level 1

                        1) Not necessarily...it does not happen every time, on every slide or in each of the 6 separate presentations that I'm working on. So it's very difficult to track the exact action that causes the assertion error.

                        2) This seems to happen when I try to save my edits.


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                          VideoPep Level 2

                          Thanks for reply.


                          Ok, we don't have a reproducible steps. Can we try few things:-


                          1) After recording Audio from Adobe presenter>Record. Go to Asset folder of the presentation; located on same location where presentation is save. If the file  is C:\Test.Pptx. then you can loacte asset folder as C:\Text_pptx. Open this folder and go to Audio folder. Play the recorded audio.

                          Verify that recorded audio playing fine.


                          2) If this assertion is happening for Imported audio then please let us know which format of audio is causing this issue:- mp3 or wav.


                          3) If you can gives us simulated video. Like record the video when you are editing audio from any software like snag it. It will really help.




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                            Heyward Drummond Level 3

                            I suggest two things. It sounds like the module that Microsoft uses for third party plug-ins like Adobe Presenter has an issue. It can get corrupted for various reasons.


                            I suggest you uninstall Presenter, uninstall Powerpoint, reboot, download the new Adobe Presenter 7.07 which was posted last week to the Adobe Presenter product page (mid-way down the page on the right is a link for existing customers). http://www.adobe.com/products/presenter/


                            Next, reinstall Powerpoint 32-bit, then install Presenter 7.07 and make sure you have your license serila number handly to reinput during install.


                            You should be better now as Presenter 7.07 was a large update that fixed a lot of Powerpoint issues and added 2010 support.

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                              Agree with you on the corrupted 3rd Party Plugin Causing Issues.  We have problem after problem come in for our users that are fixed by Powerpoint Reinstalls, Presenter Reinstalls, or clearing the Powerpoint cache files.  Presenter 7.06 does not appear to play nice with Windows 7/Office 2010.


                              Have you upgraded to 7.07 and found that it fixes compatibility issues likes this?

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                                Heyward Drummond Level 3

                                Adobe Presenter 7.07 is a major re-write to accomodate Office 2010. It is also REQUIRED for Adobe Connect 8.1.2 users. 8.1.2 began getting rolled out a couple weeks ago for Hosted customers so this version is critical if using Presenter content. Same for Captivate. Captivate 5.5 is the version that must be used with Connect 8.1.2 and higher.