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    Skins not work with installer

    mtzsol_1 Level 1

      Hi to all.

      I'm sorry for my english but I'll try to explain as best as I can do.

      I'm working on a project that is using two styles. When I run the project from FlashBuilder it works perfectly and it allows me to change skins.

      However, when I build the installer (it runs on AIR platform), and I install it, the skins doesn't work anymore.

      It seems like the swf files or the .css files of the skin where not there and it just look the default styles (and of course, the app doesn't look good, even is hard to read some text).


      I know there must be a way to solve this because the former programmer send us a versions where the styles and skins works well.

      Unfortunatelly he's not working here anymore and I can't contact him to ask how to solve this.


      I hope you can help me with this.


      Thanks in advance for your help

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          SashaKeith Adobe Employee

          I am not sure if this is the case for you, but make sure that when you created the AIR installer, you packaged all the files. It sounds to me like you may be loading an external styles file. Check and make sure that it is being included in your package. In Export Release Build, check that the Package Contents has all the files you need included.

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            mtzsol_1 Level 1

            Thanks for your comments.


            It's rare, but everytime I build the air file I check that it includes all files.

            Even right now I'm creating a new release and at the screen "AIR files contents"  I got all files and folders checked. I mean, I think there is no file left out the package that i'm building.


            And about downloading an external styles file.. if that where the case, when the installed app where running it should download the external file too, not just when I run it from FlashBuilder.. ( I think so..)


            I have a warning when I'm building the AIR:

                The style 'dropShadowVisible' is only supported by type 'mx.controls.List' with the theme(s) 'spark'.


            I don't know if that warning can be the source of my problem.