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    Captivate 5 (PC-XP) Custom mouse properties change when recording

    xquzame Level 1

      I've created a "launch page" in a template that contains the desired custom mouse property defaults. However, when I record it keeps reverting back to the default "Show mouse click" displaying a small blue box click area rather than the Custom Yellow Circle I created.


      I've right clicked on a sample of the correct mouse and selected "Use current mouse pointer for all slides" but nothing seems to work.


      I deleted my Captivate preferences and generated new ones but still no luck. I would like to record and have the recording display the yellow circle I created on all slides containing the mouse.

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          To my knowledge there is no way to influence the mouse pointer used when you record. If it were possible, I might imagine it would be found in this area:


          Edit > Preferences > Recording > Defaults. But you will notice the mouse is absent from this area. There is another area where the mouse is present and that is in Edit > Preferences > Global > Defaults. If you click the Select drop-down you may choose the Mouse on that list. But all you are doing there is choosing the behavior if you choose to later add mouse movement indepentently to a slide.


          I don't believe that setting the pointer in a template is sufficient as I don't believe we yet have a way to influence things that way. If you would like to see this capability added to a future version of Captivate, please consider submitting a Wish Form to ask for it. (Link to the Wish Form is in my sig)


          Cheers... Rick


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