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    GPUsniffer reports back 729mb RAM on 1GB card. Any ideas? (trying to unlock the cuda support)


      I purchased the eVGA 550 Ti superclocked. Official Specs:

      GPUGTX 550 Ti
      GPU Speed981Mhz
      Cude Cores192
      RAM TypeGDDR5
      RAM Speed4514Mhz (effective)
      Memory Bandwidth108.3 GB/s


      when I run gpusniffer.exe, it reports back this:


      Testing for CUDA support...
        Found 1 devices supporting CUDA.
         CUDA Device # 0 properties -
         CUDA device details:
            Name: GeForce GTX 550 Ti      Compute capability: 2.1
            Total Video Memory: 729MB
         CUDA driver version: 3020
      CUDA Device # 0 not choosen because 765MB are required, and 729MB are present


      Any idea why that might be? I followed proper intructions for adding my card to the "cuda_supported_cards.txt"..but it's not working. I suspect this is the problem.