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    Upgraded to 5.5-- GPU Hack now doesn't work

    Tymb Level 1

      With Premiere CS5 (Master Suite) the GPU hack outlined here worked great with my NVidia 470M card installed in my Sager 7280. But that changed with the 5.5 Master Suite upgrade. To start with, I was unable-- after 5 tries-- to install 5.5 without getting fail warnings with "Exit Code: 6" messages. In searching around I see I'm far from alone on that count.


      I completely uninstalled CS4 & CS5, any/all Adobe apps I could find and ran their Cleanup Tool. Still get errors even though the apps themselves seem to run ok with the 4th install effort.


      The procedure outlined on http://www.indiev.org/?p=308 seemed to work fine with CS5, did they change something so that it no longer works with 5.5?? Any insights much appreciated.




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