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    Flash CS5 assistance?

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      It may be a little confusing the way I explain it but here I go.


      I've been testing in Flash CS5 for awhile and saw it may be something like Photoshop, more specifically while drawing. In Photoshop there are layers which I use to divide parts of the picture such as the hair and the head in two different layers so that if there is a problem say at the top of the forehead where the hair is, the layer dividing the two separates it so when I erase a part of the head the hair doesn't go with it because it's not on the same layer.


      Unfortunately in Flash it doesn't appear to work that way...in one layer I draw the head the other I draw the hair, I see a mistake in the head near the hair and I erase it...a part of the hair goes with it...then I have to redraw that part which can be time consuming unless I want a relatively bad animation(which I don't) since it's obviously not set as a default in Flash is there anyway to set it as that? I do tend to make quite an amount of mistakes in Flash because of how the brush and such works..