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    How to get my .pdf filesize down (I have tried many things!)


      Hi everyone. After about an hour and a half of thoroughly searching the web, seeing others suggestions that don't work for me, or trying online resizers, I am now officially pissed off, especially since I consider myself a somewhat computer savvy person.


      Ok...So I am trying to upload a transcript of mine onto an application website for a job. The transcript file size is 242 KB. For some reason, the max upload file size on the website is 200 KB, which is ridiculous I think but it's what I have to work with. There are 4 pages in the .pdf file. I can do without one or two of the pages, but I have tried everything. There is no option under Document...extract pages or whatever it was. I tried "printing" it using a document writer and saving only a couple of the pages but then the quality comes out horrible.I have tried "print screen" then saving it in paint and all that but that doesn't work well either. Now I turn here for help cause I feel I am about to break something!


      How can I get this file size down?!? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      I am using windows 7 64 bit and Adobe X reader.