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    Simple flex 2 question on text

      Hi, i am new to flex and have a question. i am trying to display the text "check out these great people!"

      now the words 'check out ' is in font size 23
      and the words 'these great people!' is in font size 32

      for some reason i can do this on one line. its must simply in html. this is now i am trying to do it (listed are 2 ways)

      <mx:HBox verticalAlign="bottom">
      <mx:Text fontSize="23" color="#FF0000">
      <mx:text>check out</mx:text>
      <mx:Text fontSize="32" color="#FF0000">
      <mx:text>these great people!</mx:text>

      <mx:HBox verticalAlign="bottom">
      <mx:Text text="check out" color="FF0000" fontSize="23" />
      <mx:Text text="these great people" color="FF0000" fontSize="28" />

      but the first 2 words dont align to the remaining better text. cant i just write this in one sentence and the it which part i want it to be fontsize 32? please help