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    Cant Install Adobe Flash Player - Action List Not Found


      Hi, I am trying to install this new version of adobe flash, yet when I  am in the process of installing it says "Installation Encounter  Occurred" then below that it says, "Action List Not Found". Once I hit  done it just takes me to the trouble shooting page. I have uninstalled  the previous version already, also ran CCleaner scan and registry, and  in the alternative installation page (http://http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/fp_distribution3.html)  I only found links for Adobe Flash 10.3 but not I'm not  the most internet savvy person around but I am good at following  instructions and am willing to sit this out until I fix it if anyone  knows how to help me. Searching around on the internet didn't help me  much and I didn't want to pay the $39 for telephone support so I figure  this is the last alternative .  Any help asap would be much appreciated I have a program that says it  will only run with the latest update of flash. Thank you. Also my browser is running in 64 bit mode if that means anything, although I am not sure how to check if it is or not.