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    External .swf library assets

      Ok, so here's what I want to do. I'm creating an application that has optional classes that it can instantiate based on what the needs are. These classes operate things like Session Logging utilities, etc. These items obviously have assets that they need available such as movieclips and buttons. For example, the Session Logger has a sessionLog_mc clip that has a log window with buttons and the log display. I want to be able to have my class load the external .swf that contains the assets for the Session Logger and then use attachMovie(), once the .swf is loaded, to attach the sessionLog_mc from the library of the loaded external .swf file. This does NOT seem to work at all. This seems like it has to be possible. I don't want to be forced to put all my code into external .swf's too. I just want some external asset .swf's (or maybe just one large one) that I can load. Is this possible? I am wanting to have the ability to show the progress of loading each of these components while the application is starting up and loading the asset files. Thanks so much!

      Here is an example of what I'm trying: (the attachMovie does NOT work at all)