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    General Indesign 5.5 Questions


      Hi I am thinking of getting indesign 5.5 to help me on my uni project. I am aiming to make an Enhanced E-Book for an android tablet.

      So i was hoping i could get some feed back on indesign 5.5 as a tool for making the Enhanced E-Book.


      Does Indesign 5.5 export as Epub 3 format ?


      Are you allowed to use indesign 5.5 for commercial products if you upgrade from the student edition of CS 5 ( which allows commercial use ) ?


      Can you intergrate flash interactive images into indesign 5.5 to add content to the enhanced EBook?


      Also i noticed ont the terry white promo vid he says says that indesign 5.5 can produce epubs for ibooks on ipad but he does not mention any thing about android tablets.


      Thanks for the time in advance.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sorry. InDesign CS5.5 is an improvement over previous versions for EPUB export. But it exports standard EPUB 2.


          Remember that the EPUB 3 standard was only adopted a couple months ago. EPUB 3 does not support interactivity.


          InDesign CS5.5 and EPUB 3 does support embedding video and audio using HTML tags in CS5.5. Other than that, you'll need to code it using HTML and CSS.


          What Android tablets support enhanced eBooks? The only eReader I'm aware of doing that are iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) following the guidelines in the Apple iBookstore.

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            zxggin001 Level 1

            Ah i see that a bit disappointing to hear, i was looking forward to the time in which we can build enhanced ebooks without having to build an app.


            Guess wil have to wait a while longer for mroe news on the subject


            Thanks for the reply u throughly answered my questions

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              The Nook Color provides some support for this, although it is not public/open what they support.  I would be surprised if the next version of the Nook tablet did not support epub 3 completely, or at least have an upgrade path for that.   Apple's version of enhanced is, of course, Apple flavor and not quite the ePub 3 standard.


              I suppose one can argue that there is already interactivity in epub via standard html.  However, I have to argue that epub 3 does not support interactivity.  It supports SCRIPTING...although that is not recommended for a book.  Scripting allows interactivity in any sense of the word.