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    Change Sequence format problem


      Hey guys,

      We are using Premiere Pro CS 5.5 to edit our little short film and unluckily a friend of mine who is responsible for cutting the files did not select the proper sequence format, (he chose something like 720 x 576 with 25 fps) and edited all of it in this format.

      But because we want to export it afterwards in full rez and dont want any quality loss i will have to change the sequence somehow to DSLR 1080p24 since the footage was also shot at this resolution with a canon t2i.


      When i try taking the timeline from the 720 x 576 timeline and simply copy&paste it onto a new timeline with DSLR 1080p24, the picture is really small and I guess I am also loosing quality if I only resize the clips to fill out the frame.


      Thanks for all your help,