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    Playhead moves jumpy in win7/vista (even in empty comp)




      after switching from winXP 32bit to win7 32/64 (and vista), im having this problem with both AE cs4 and cs5:

      when i start playback or do a ram preview even in an empty comp, the playhead/cti/current time indicator red line is moving in a jerky way. The Info

      panel is showing that its being played in realtime and when i add footage, the video is being played smoothly as well, yet the playhead jumps.


      heres a screencap of it: http://webstuff.ic.cz/jerkyPlayhead.wmv


      What i tried:

      - AE cs5 in win7 ult 64bit

      - AE cs4 32bit in win7 ult 64bit

      - AE cs4 32bit in win7 ult 32bit

      - AE cs5 in vista basic 64bit on different pc (laptop with completely different hw and drivers)

      - AE cs4 32bit in vista ult 32bit on different pc

      - those OS instalations were clean literally with just AE installed, i then tried installing drivers, qt, windows updates but still the same

      - tried changing all AE settings i could find, as well as leaving default settings after clean install

      - watched everest stats during the simple comp playback, plenty of free cpu/mem resources


      my hw: q6600@3.6, p5e64ws evo, 4gig, hd4870 512


      Having tried on different pc, it should not be hardware/driver related, also not OS related within vista/win7 versions and not AE version related. So the problem should be between xp and w7/vista, something is different or missing between those.

      This is my first time using OS newer than XP so maybe im either missing something which i didnt need to install on xp and should have now or is this the way how ae is supposed to behave on vista/win7? Does the playhead move supersmooth for you pixel by pixel when the visual playback is realtime/cached in w7/vista?


      Any help or tips appreciated

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Why is it a problem for you that the CTI isn't moving or being drawn smoothly? You say that the playback is smooth and everything else works correctly, yes?


          This may very well be a bug/glitch, but I want to understand whether it's just cosmetic or it's actually interfering with your use of After Effects.

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            Premultiplied Level 1

            Yes everything else works fine. Im doing alot of intensive audio syncing and altho i make great use of all the various other tools for that during the finalization stages, the ability to simply watch the cti during previews definitely helps me to get general feel and ideas for positioning and rough ins without spamming markers or deciphering scrub sounds too early, i can also quickly position main keyframes during just audio previews without waiting for full video preview in heavier comps. Its small things that add up and it generally speeds my current routine up in various situations. Iam doing alot of precise sync editing in NLEs too, and its even more about the cti there so i guess i might be just too used to it and now it feels wrong when it suddenly doesnt move smooth in AE after i switched os.


            I would at least like to know whether its "officially" supposed to move smooth in vista/win7 just so i dont spend all this time investigating the problem only to find out that its actually jumping like this for everyone and they just dont care. Because ive tried close to everything by now and still cant find the cause.


            Found two older threads about the same problem on creativecow:




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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              It's a bug/glitch in how that specific UI item is being drawn to the screen. It may be a graphics card or driver issue. It may be an OS issue. If it matters to you, please submit a bug report.

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                Premultiplied Level 1

                alrite i managed to find it, so just in case someone else has this problem... in ae preffs file theres line "Time needle update frequency (seconds)", change it to what you want.. this is probably automatically set to a specific value during first ae launch after installation based on what os/hardware the given computer has. So i guess it sees that i only got 4gigs and am running win7 / vista, so it tries to improve performance by drawing cti slowly