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    Clip synchronization

    Alessandro Cofanelli

      I have shot a two camera interview using two Panasonic HPX500, recording in 1080i50 with linked timecode.

      I want to synchronize clips from two cameras to use multicam (or normal editing).


      I created a new sequence, imported clips from cam1 to video track 1 (ordered sequentially), clips from cam 2 to video track 2.

      How can i synch them using timecode?


      Menu element "Synchronize" is always grayed out, i tried selecting all the clips on a track and assigning the other track, select all the clips in both tracks, selecting only some clips...but synchronize remains disabled.

      The only way to enable the synchronize menu item is to select 1 clip on track1 and 1 clip on track2. But in the synchronize menu the timecode option is unselectable. (and moreover i can't synch one but one, i have over 200 clips).


      Thank you for the help.




      PS: i'm new to premiere cs5.5, but i have a 10 year exerience in finalcut pro. After evaluating premiere for a while, this is my first "production" project i'm trying to edit with premiere.