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    Inventory system development in Adobe Air


      Hello everyone,


      I am very much new to Adobe technologies, but i love Adobe's UI and everything about it. I need to make an inventory system which would be having front end as Adobe AIR and backend as SQL 2008, As I am very much new to Adobe i dont know anything in adobe air/Flex. But i want to learn and make this application asap. Please help me in learning Adobe AIR/Flex. Please give me some resources or some link from where i can find tutorial from very begining to complete tutorial.


      Moreover i have complete knowledge of .net applications both vb.net and c#.net


      Please help me out. I would be very thankful to you all.


      If you have any tutorial for Adobe AIR (Desktop Development) and Flex please mail it out to me.. my mail id is : knpddit@gmail.com OR please give me some link from which i can find the tutorial for making my project of Inventory sytem.



      Thanks in advance,


      Krunal Panchal