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    Reducing png size

    garywpaul Level 5

      I have a png file that has some transparency to it that I would like to reduce.  It is currently 427kb. I have the settings in Optimize set to:

      png 8


      Matte: #fff

      Dither: 0

      Colors: 256

      Alpha Transparency


      Besides reducing W or H, any suggestions on how I could reduce this file size?


      Thank you



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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Reducing the number of colors will reduce the file size.

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            garywpaul Level 5



            Thanks for your reply, that did not have any effect (In fact it made of the the pngs larger by 2kb).


            Have you ever used any of the compression packages?



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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              Compression packages? Are you saving or exporing the file?

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                garywpaul Level 5

                Well I just tried something somewhat unique (to me at least).  I took a screen shot of the image, saved it as a jpg and it seems to work fine.  Its not quite as clear as the png, but it went from 483 to 128.


                Here is the link to the image, please let me know how it looks.





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                  garywpaul Level 5


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                    Linda Nicholls Level 4

                    If it's a potographic image, it should always be exported in JPEG format rather than PNG format.  Are you exporting the image or just saving it?

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                      garywpaul Level 5

                      I am saving the image, I am using the png format because I am fading the image.  Do you have a better suggestion?


                      Thank you for your help.



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                        pixlor Level 4

                        Are you SAVING or EXPORTING? If you save, then the file includes all the specific information Fireworks uses, such as layers and masks. If you export, then you get a flattened image without all the proprietary data. The exported image would be smaller.


                        But, as Linda says, if you have a photographic image, you're better off exporting (not saving) to the JPEG format.

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                          garywpaul Level 5

                          Thanks for the reply, however I have already posted twice that I was saving the files. I did try an export however it lost the desired effect, which is the fading of the image. Is there a way to export and not lose the fade?


                          I had some success with posting the image then taking a screenshot and saving that as a jpg but was looking for a less cumbersome way. Do you have a suggestion?



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                            pixlor Level 4

                            I expect that the Fireworks .png is a full color image, which would account for the color difference between master and export. The PNG8 format has a 256-color palette (although FW usually creates a palette with fewer than 256 colors) and so the image may look quite different. If you liked the look of your .jpg screen shot, then you should export from FW as .jpg. The export step is certainly less cumbersome than what you describe. But still, you should export to .jpg, not save.


                            When using Fireworks, you create your document, save it as a Fireworks .png, then export to the appropriate format using either File > Export or File > Image Preview. I like using Image Preview, as I can modify the export format and settings to judge which method will give me the best image for an acceptable file size. No matter what format you choose, save your master document and export for final use. If you save after exporting, the FW document will also contain your final export settings.


                            A general guideline for choosing an export format is:

                            • GIF or PNG8: line art with limited palettes, with or without transparency
                            • JPEG: photographs, photorealistic art, smooth gradients
                            • PNG24: complicated line art (the JPEG format will create noise around crisp lines or boundaries), photorealistic art, smooth gradients
                            • PNG34: when alpha transparency is required


                            A couple of tips:

                            • Some people save their FW documents with a psuedo double extension .fw.png, to remind themselves which file is the master and to prevent overwriting their master when exporting to one of the .png formats. I've found this procedure helpful.
                            • When exporting as PNG8, you can use the eyedropper tool in Image Preview to add additional colors to the palette. FW doesn't always do a good job of reducing the palette.
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                              garywpaul Level 5

                              Thank you for your thoughtful reply, I will try your suggestions.