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    Acrobat X Pro 10.1 - Can't copy windows folders - Locked

    rosscosjunk Level 1

      Having a major issue with Adobe Acrobat and explorer.

      If I download a PDF file and try to move it, I get the error:


      "Destination Folder Access Denied" you need permission to perform this action. (I am Administrator level).


      Especially if I am using the Windows preview panel at all.


      If I use "Lockhunter" to see what is locking the file, it tells me "explorer.exe" and I cannot move the file unless I unlock it. If I unlock it and try to move it again, it fails once again, because it has been immediately locked and left locked again! There is a windows "unblock" option (shown after downloading a file from the internet) but unblocking the file makes do difference.


      It only appears to do this with PDF files. How do I resolve this issue? Cheers.

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          Bill@VT Level 7

          If Acrobat is still open, close it first. For some reason, various versions of Acrobat are not releasing the file back to the system. I am not sure this is the issue since I would have expected a different error message in such a case, but might be worth a try.

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            rosscosjunk Level 1

            Wierd thing is Bill, I just tried something.


            If I try to say move a folder with a PDF file in it, from one location to another, I get the "Error, open in another program" error message. Yet I can go into that folder and cut and paste the PDF file somewhere else with no problem. THEN it actually allows me to move the folder (so moving the PDF file somehow "unlocks" the folder).


            If I then try to move the folder again (after the folder and the PDF inside it have been moved) the "new" folder is now locked.


            For a folder to become locked, it just has to have a PDF inside it. I don't even have to select the PDF, go into the folder with PDF in it, have it open in the preview panel, or even open it in Adobe Acrobat). All I have to do is select a folder with a PDF inside it, for that folder to become immediately locked. It's like something is scanning the contents of the folder (as soon as I select it), figuring out it contains a PDF file and then locking that folder as a process thread of "explorer.exe" and not allowing it to be cut and pasted somewhere else. But yet, still allowing me to cut and paste the PDF inside the folder and then freeing up the folder its moved from and locking the folder it's moved to!!




            I wonder if Adobe's PDF Windows Desktop Search PDF contents extension could be doing this? Still, why is it only doing it to the folder with a PDF in it I select. It has to be some kind of adobe explorer / pdf shell extension. Don't even know where to start trying to figure it out.

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              We are haveing a similar issuse.  When a scanned PDF document is saved to a shared folder, it remains locked till the machine it was scanned from closes Acrobat.  Very frustrating.