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    Pagefile - from C: to SCRATCH disk


      I am in build process and I have set a 12gb pagefile on my scratch disk (I have 24gb of ram). Are there files within C's pagefile that I need to move over before I remove pagefile from C?


      I am following a forum noted process of:


      Created new pagefile DONE

      reboot DONE

      "copy other files to the disk" - WHAT FILES AND WHERE ARE THEY?

      remove page file on C

      reboot and defrag


      I have made sure to "show hidden files" on C.  I have also searched for pagefile.sys on C ... but it says it does not exist.


      What am I not understanding correctly?


      Thank you.



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          JEShort01 Level 4



          In summary - no worries!


          For swap file (Windows feature), you have done just fine.


          The title of the thread has "pagefile" (Windows) and "scratch" (Adobe CS term) in it; possibly that is where some of the confusion is coming from.


          The "no worries" part of this is you can change pagefile, scratch, cache, and more without really damaging anything.


          Bottom line, move forward to editing, you are probably just fine!