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    Ebook Issues on Galaxy Tab 10.1


      Hello, all.  I am new to this forum, and just received a Tab for my birthday yesterday.  I have been trying all day today to figure out how to load ebooks onto the Tab.  I have read a thread dealing with this issue, and followed all the different bits of advise.  However, I am still not able to do this.  I have tried downloading from ADE.  I have tried using Aldiko, but when I type in my Adobe ID and Password, it tells me they don't match, even though I am able to go to Adobe website and use the same ID and pw to access my account.


      I had planned to download library books, but since I can't seem to even download the one free one I got from ADE to use as a test, I'm not sure what else to do at this point.  Advise involving SD cards does not help, since Tab doesn't have any ports for that.


      Can anyone help me get past this roadblock?


      Thanks very much.

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          ADE's website is vague when it shows support for the Galaxy Tab, so we don't

          really know whether the 10.1 is supported or not.


          If your Adobe ID and PW work on Adobe's website, but not on Aldiko, I'd bet

          that you typed something differently - an extra letter from 'fat fingers' or

          something like that - when you created your login for Aldiko.  Happens all

          the time, and I'm not sure what Aldiko will let you do.  Normally, there's

          some way to change your login ID or password without creating a brand new

          one - which will cause problems with Adobe when you try to connect.  The

          military have a phrase for this: catch-22....



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            Well, thanks for the reply, but that's not the issue.  I have now downloaded and discarded 4 or 5

            ebook readers.  I have come to the conclusion that the Tab is not usable

            with ADE.  I get error messages in all the apps that I have tried when I attemp

            to log in with my Adobe user name and password.


            Trying my husband's Xoom next to see how that works.....

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              Mystery solved.  Everything works perfectly on the Xoom, so the issue lies with the Tab.  It can't be used to read library books.  Works ok with books in the public domain that you can get from Kindle, but not epub or pdf books.  BOO HISS

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                Before you do that, check what ebook readers are supported by ADE


                The Xoom isn't on the list....


                Sorry again!



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                  From my perpective, the Xoom should be on your list of supported devices. I did check the list yesterday when I was struggling with this, and saw the Tab is (maybe???) supported.  BUT, ADE (at least in my case) DOES NOT work on Tab.  It works perfectly on the Xoom.  Today I downloaded an epub book from my local library, using Overdrive Media Console, signed into my Adobe account, bingo, there is the book.


                  So, Xoom 1, Tab 0.


                  Thanks for the replies, but so far nothing has worked.  I am wasting my time trying to get this to work on Tab.

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                    I too was unable to get my library books onto my Tab using ADE.  What actually worked for me was getting the Overdrive application through the marketplace and using that with my library.  I'm not sure if this will help you at all but it did the trick for me.  My library does use Overdrive and I check the book out on my computer like I've always done, but then I open up the Overdrive application on my Tab, sign into my library account and download the book directly to the Tab.  Not sure if it will work with every book, but it has for every one I've tried so far.

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                      I had actually tried Overdrive, but when I went to sign into Adobe, Overdrive gave me an error message, and would not sign me in, nor download the library book.  So, I went to my library website, under the digital media section, and looked for troubleshooting help.  I found the exact same error message listed in the help section, which said that I needed to make sure my computer [device] had the correct date, time and time zone.  Turns out, the date and time were correct on my Tab, but the time zone was not.  I changed it (not really believing it would be that simple a fix), and it WORKED!!!


                      So simple stupid as my hubby would say.


                      Thanks very much!

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                        The devil is in the details....