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    Frame Rate info Question

    Dozerbeatz Level 1

      I have a JVC GZ-HM300 HD camcorder.


      JVC is sneaky with their specs.

      Have not seen hard copy of frame rate specs for this model.

      You have to conclude from the material, that it records at 1080i, but outputs 1080p.

      And only at 60fps...which is the maximum, on the specs, but there is no way to select this on the camera.


      Records at 60fps(only) 1920x1080i (interlaced only) 24mbps(UXP-Highest Quality Setting).

      AVC/H.264 NTSC Standard

      Navigating the SDHC card. It creates .mts files.



      I have Premiere Pro CS5, and of course would like to export for youtube.

      I am aware of createing a project, and canceling the session properties.

      Then dragging and dropping the .mts file into the bin.

      Then dragging and dropping to the new item, which will create a session with target settings.


      However, the thumbnail in the project bin area is showing the .mts file properties as being 29.97fps.

      As well as when right clicking and selecting properties.

      It also creates a session at 29.97fps.

      Is this correct?? Should it do this?