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    Word automation script




      After having lots of problems with Word document imports in InDesign, having to reformat the text, line breaks, symbols and the likes, I thought of scripting!

      Is there a script that helps importing word documents in InDesign, putting the text into columns, formatting it right etc. ?



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            I've seen big publishing houses using scripting for a better workflow, especially when they receive Word documents and it's amazing. Don't know how they do it though, if it's custom-scripts made for them or else. Any useful info?

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              'Course it's all custom scripts, written for and tailored to each individual workflow. I even manage two of those workflows at the office, for two distinctly different publishing trajectories, each with very different needs, and thus very different scripts. Only the very basic processing of files is the same, but after that they diverge real fast, and thus I have to maintain two different sets of scripts.


              There is no single workflow tht "works for everyone", and there certainly is not a single script that does everything you imagine it could do.