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    Mac/Unix path differences causing linking problems?


      At our organization, we have a single monster Xserve running Mac OS X 10.6.7 and Aqua Connect where up to 15 users log in concurrently with different UI sessions and work on pages using InDesign CS3 and CS5.


      Each user mounts the same AFP sharepoints ("PageShare" for .indd files, and "ImageShare" for page resources) at the same time and they work on neighboring files.


      Things have been (mostly) peachy for a year now.


      Recently, we've been running into trouble linking images on pages.

      The first user who connects has absolutely no trouble. But every subsequent user is unable to automatically link resources on pages.

      Curiously, when we attempt to relink a resource, its path as shown in InDesign's Links pallete doesn't change. What was originally reported as a broken link is now considered legitimate.


      We're fairly certain this is caused by a mixup between the Mac OS file path (ImageShare:Logos:logo.eps) vs. the UNIX file path (/Volumes/ImageShare/Logos/logo.eps). When multiple instances of a sharepoint are mounted at the same time, a "-#" is appended to the share's UNIX path. In this example case, /Volumes/ImageShare-1, /Volumes/ImageShare-2, etc.

      But, the Mac OS file path does not change, even if multiple instances are mounted at the same time — the other users' shares are ignored. The share you have access to is always referenced by the system as "ImageShare".


      So, there's a real miscommunication in InDesign between what style path to use and what path is actually displayed. Mucking around in a hex editor, it seems that InDesign includes both Mac OS and UNIX file paths in .indd files, but the Links pallete only displays Mac OS paths...


      Is there a way to get InDesign to exclusively follow Mac OS paths which won't change from mount to mount, or is there a way to be more resilient in resolving link changes when the UNIX path has an appended number?


      From all I've read and studied, it seems that the workflow we've been using and enjoying for the better part of a year (up to last Wednesday) is somehow impossible. I'm pretty sure it existed though...and I'd like to have it back.


      Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Are you sure the traditional MacOS paths really work?

          Anyway, I would focus on what changed last Wednesday?

          Did the server reboot or something?


          I wonder if you have an administrative user mount the volume first, does it help?




          (Also, I assume you aware that Adobe's licensing requires you to have a seperate InDesign license for each individual user who might access InDesign on your Aqua Connect server, not the number of concurrent users, and not one. See section 3.5 of the first link at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/indesign/documentation.html#citrix which of course is written for Citrix.)

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            TylerLoch Level 1

            The Aqua Connect server is a small, yet important, part of our production (so yes, we're properly licensed).


            Generally, pages worked on through our multiple-use server are then passed to others to work on. These other users operate individual workstations. A requirement of this workflow is that the Aqua Connect server use the same paths and links as our other users do. Our non-remote users are happily linking away without this issue, as is the initially-connected remote user.


            The server was rebooted on Wednesday as we end up doing about once a week. No other changes were made (as far as I can tell, of course).


            I've found that no matter what user mounts an AFP/SMB volume (even root), other users cannot access its contents. The Computer window in Finder shows each mounted instance of each sharepoint, but only one of each share for each user can actually be opened by that user. This has been the case since at least Leopard (if not earlier).

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              Just an idea. Have you tried the free companion product mappable file-system from AquaConnect to give each user of your system a different physical location of your root-folder-structure?