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      The PrE2.0 recognizes the camera is hooked up but I can not capture anything or it will not play anything in the capture window. This only on Win 7. I have a sony trv-520. This camera is not on the list of cameras. When I plug in the firewire and turn the camera on it automatically starts the program. I have also tried a trv 320 it is on the list but does the same thing.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          It sounds like the FW driver is working, but let's rule that out first. Take a look at this ARTICLE, and report on the driver version that you have in your Win7.


          Next, what Mode have you set the Sonys to?


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            buggyman20 Level 1

            It stopped working again.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              The bigger issue is that Premiere Elements 2 wasn't designed to work on Windows 7. In fact, it wasn't even designed for Vista!


              So Bill's legacy driver fix may fix your problem. Or it may just put a band-aid on it and not fix the underlying problem of an incompatibility the operating system.


              Why not upgrade to version 9?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                If the "Legacy FW Driver" trick did not fix things, then that indicates that it was not your issue.


                As Steve points out, PrE 3 (one version up from yours) was patched to accommodate Vista, which was released just after PrE 3 was. I do not recall any patch for PrE 2, and as is normal, Adobe has never gone back before the then current version, with a retro-patch, so upgrading to the newer version is about all that one can do. PrE is on an approximately 12 release schedule. That short span usually allows for but one interim patch, if that. PrE 4.0 saw no patches/updates, and I believe it was the same for PrE 7.0. PrE 8 & 9 have each received one patch each.


                It could well be that PrE 2 is just too old to function well on Win7, which was not even imagined, when PrE 2 was released.


                Also, and as Steve points out, your computer is very limited, so newer versions of PrE might not function any better on it.


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  With FW Capture, there are several links in that "chain."



                  1. FW driver and the OS
                  2. FW card, or port on the computer
                  3. FW cable
                  4. FW port on camera, operability of camera, and even the sequence used to turn the camera ON, and to launch the Capture module in the program - the sequence that works can differ, camera to camera
                  5. Connectivity between the program and the OS



                  Any of those can cause an issue with Capture over FW from a miniDV tape, and for troubleshooting, all should be tested.


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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Use one of these instead of PreEl for SD firewire transfer


                    SD capture http://windv.mourek.cz/ or http://www.scenalyzer.com/main.html or http://www.exsate.com/products/dvcapture/

                    Do note that the demo version of ScenalyzerLive puts a watermark in the files it creates
                    - I'm told that the OLD version of Scenalyzer is freeware... check the download page for details