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    Preloader and AmfPHP

    Star_Tail_Pro Level 1
      I knew there was something wrong and i found it now i need to fix it.
      What it is, is when after my preloader finishes loading large images and the messageboard, i get the images no problem (shgows the preloader works) but the messageboraddoes not work. In flash 8 works fine but on the server it doesn't. I have used amfphp a lot and i know all the files are alright so that cannot be it. The only difference is the length of time. It takes longer on the server and the data is not loaded. I wonder why/

      I have exported all my AS2 classes to the second frame so my preloader will work and my messageboard is on the third frame.

      If you want anymore info please just ask. I have been trying to sort this out for a long time. (and I'm mean a long time)