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    Output to a Query

    TommyMTL Level 1
      Is it possible to output a query to a new dynamic query. The idea is to manipulate data from an original query then to cach that information to output to an XLS file. For now, I am dynamicaly building a table with the original query and make a query on that new table that contain the information I need in the way I need it.

      many thaks
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          TommyMTL Level 1
          Hi CF_menace, thanks for your reply, I might not explained myself clearly, but I don't think this is what i am looking for.

          On my original QUERY, I have to perform a subset query at 3 level to replace tremendous amount or information from 4 different query and then build a final result to a query - WITH THE CODE EXEMPLE I BUID A TABLE TO A DATABASE. So Query of Query will definitely, and It does, do the fist step where I can output proper format between <cfoutput> tags but I need to output to a query or somethins that I can reuse on a final query.

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            Dan Bracuk Level 5
            There are query functions that enable you to change query results after you run you run the query. They all start with the word Query. Details are in the cfml reference manual. If you don't have one, the internet does.