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    Flash catalyst cs5.5 and unsupported components

    Godly_Dev Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am currently build a web app in Flex Builder 4.5.1 and will be using Flash catalyst cs5.5 for animations and skinning. The main application will have start up animations which are made with Catalyst. I have also used Catalyst to skin the components.


      I would like to import al of these into Flash builder to build up the application logic and insert some components that were not supported in Catalyst. When I import the fxp into Builder, the project is always created as "cataylst compatible" which means I am unable to insert and mx components such as the date chooser. How do I go about getting around this?


      Finally, if I were able to insert the date chooser and export the project as an fxp, would I be able to import this back into Catalyst? I am not expecting being able to edit the date chooser in catalyst, but I would like to edit the other skinable components.