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    dw cs5 FLV video quality difference between web play and local play w/same flv file


      When I play a flv locally on my pc with adobe media player.. it looks great.


      i build a page, insert it in the page (dw cs5) use auto size detect. upload all..


      then go to test it out using FF and the video is not a sharp ( the text titles are especially ratty looking  http://www.centroidcnc.com/cncvideo/centroid_digitizing_cs5.html ).


      how can this be? its the same file.  what am i doing wrong? thanks in advance for any tips.


      here is a screen capture of the 480 wide flv playing in adobe media player... reasonable text clarity



      and the same file playing in firefox.. with rattly looking text.




      is the browser trying to scale it up or something?