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    artifacts/relics when HDV capturing, please help!  google can't save me...


      when capturing HDV from Canon XLH1A (using Sony "Digital HD Video" minidv cassettes) and choosing HDV 1080p for all capturing/projects i get random artifacts/relics in my captures.  this is not consistent through numerous attempts with the same tapes (i.e. not in the same spots/times).  when my friend attempts a capture on mac via final cut pro he does not have these relics.  i have been able to occationally get a clean capture on a tape when i have previously had issues with relics/artifacts.  for example of video distortion see:




      My computer is a dell studio 15 laptop w/ i5 (first gen) 2.7 ghz processor, 6 gb ram, 1 gb video ram (ATI Mobility 5470), running Windows 7 64 bit. 


      Please help, this is driving me nuts.


      Thank you in advance!