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    How do you change the default User in Windows 7 on a non-RAIDed 4 disk setup?

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      I have installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on Darling my new machine, which has a four-disk setup without RAID, like this:


      SSD OCZ -OS, Programs (C:)


      WD 2002FEAX - Media Projects (D:)


      WD 1002FAEX - Pagefile, Media Cache (E:)


      WD 1002FAEX - Previews, Exports (F:)




      This setup, and because it’s unRAIDed (four separate disks), created the User file in the OS disk, right under the Programs (x86) folder, which at times causes files, which are not programs, to automatically be saved in the User file that's in the Programs disk, when in fact Programs disk is NOT meant for storage.




      Further, I cannot save stuff in My Documents because that directory leads the files (that I am saving) to the User folder in the OS disk, forcing me to navigate out of there and into an alternative disk, which is time consuming, more so than if i had a directory leading to D disk.




      So, I am wondering, can anyone help me change my directory to establish the default User folder in any folder other than C?




      Or, if can someone refer me to Windows 7 tutorials, resourses, that are a tad more than Dummy level.


      I have heard that changing around the directory as such can mess with the OS, and though not at Dummy level, I’m quite new to PC and profusely insecure about making changes to Darling at all.