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    Adobe Flash Player download wont work.


      I have a custom desktop PC which is running Win XP SP3 OS. It also has Google Chrome, IE8 and Firefox V5 as browsers and all have been working without any problem. I recently downloaded the latest versiou of Chrome...12 or 13 which was just released early last week...the upgrade is working fine, but apparently  as a result of downloading this upgrade i started receiving messeages saying i need to download Adobe Flash Player. Sooo...i did download FP version is the version of IE and Firefox. I went through all the usual download screens and got the message saying it had been downloaded successfully. I checked my Add/Rem listing and it is listed there as properly installed and working. Unfortunately, every time i use a program which requires the FP i get the same message that i need to download Adobe FP.  I have gone through all of my system settings ...Security etc. The Flash Player icon in my Control Panel shows the FP as properly installed. I run AVG anti virus software so i turned all of that off and tried to open a website which required FP and still no success. My PC is working properly and running smoothly in all other respects and I have never had a problem with any Adobe product before. I have run Advanced System Care...deep scan which i usually do bi weekly...no help. I have checked all of my security settings and set them all on low ...no help. I am not a computer technician and have sort of run out of options. As probably an important aside...at the same time as my problem with the FP started I also received an Error message...:0x8007043B...following up on that via Microsoft it said that BITS is not running and outlined several steps to take to resolve that problem..I followed them to the letter several times but they didnt solve the problem.BITS is still not running and while i have no idea what that is I'm sure it is either the or one of the reasons I am unable to get FP to work even though it is downloaded properly.


      Im sure I have left out some important information,but will be happy to provide it if anyone can take the time to help me solve this problem. I even tried to identify the previous version of Chrome so I could delete the recent upgrade and resinstall it and cant find it anywhere! Finally, I tried to solve my problem using System Restore going back to before I downloaded the newest version of Chrome...no luck there either.


      Thanks very much for any help .



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          pwillener Level 8

          Thank you for providing so much detail information; this is very helpful.


          Can you tell me what files you have in C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash ?


          In IE8, Tools, Add-ons, do you see Shockwave Flash Object listed, and is it enabled?


          In Firefox, type about:plugins in the address bar; can you see Shockwave Flash Object, and is it enabled?

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            BEARCATJER Level 1

            thanks for your help.

            below i will list all of the files in the windows system folder you directed

            me to.

            Flash player trust

            Flash install


            Flash Util10u_Plugin


            Flash 10u.ocx


            Flash Util10u_ActiveX.dll




            In IE8 i DO see the Shockwave Flash Object listed and it IS ENABLED


            In Firefox plugins I see Shockwave Flash listed and it is Enabled,but i dont

            see Shockwave Flash Object listed, if that is different from Shockwave



            If you have any other questions let me know. Thanks again.



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              pwillener Level 8

              That looks all very good.  (And you are right: the Firefox plugin is only listed as Shockwave Flash.)


              Can you see the Flash animation (rotating red "f") at http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ ?  Or does it also prompt you do download FP?

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                BEARCATJER Level 1

                dont see any flash animation at all at that website and nowhere on it do i

                see any prompt to download FP. By the way I am having the same problem with

                Java if that tells you anything. Suddenly when i open a game site i

                use...Pogo.com...and try to play a game i get a prompt to download Java even

                though i have never had that problem before and Java is already downloaded

                and listed in my Add/Rem list just like FP is. Something happened when i

                downloaded the latest version of Chrome that caused all this. I routinely

                run a lot of utilities on my pc and keep it as "clean" as possible. I even

                uninstalled Chrome to see if that would help but it didnt.



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                  pwillener Level 8

                  At this stage my only idea is a clean install of Flash Player; please try the following


                  If you still can't get FP to work, then we need to think about something else, e.g. why both FP and Java stopped working.  At the moment I can't think of anything.

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                    BEARCATJER Level 1

                    thanks. i will work on implementing what you outline. as i said in my

                    original post i am not a computer technician,but i am retired and in the

                    past 11 years i have had most everything bad that can happen to a computer

                    happen, and i have always been able to repair it myself with help from

                    places like this forum and others, so i am really puzzled as to why for no

                    apparent reason this whole problem occurred from a simple download of the

                    Chrome upgrade. Do you think my reinstalling Win XP might somehow do the

                    trick? If not I guess my last resort will be to upgrade my system to Win 7

                    which i really dont want to do and probably have to format the hard drive in

                    the process. What do you think ? Thanks again.



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                      pwillener Level 8

                      My apologies; I made a little mistake in my earlier instructions.  The third bulleted line should read "run the downloaded uninstaller" (now highlighted in italics).


                      If you already tried the instructions and did not succeed, please try again with the corrected instructions.


                      I do not think that reinstalling Windows (or upgrading to Win 7) is necessary to get Flash Player to work.

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                        BEARCATJER Level 1

                        no problem. But, since i now have both java and FP working properly I think

                        i will just leave well enough alone.I do plan to reinstall Chrome and

                        Firefox so I may need to resort to your directions at that point if the same

                        problem develops.


                        Thanks again for your help.