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    Getting Rid of Space After Drop Caps?


      Styles are awesome, and using InDesign is a real treat! However, I'm having a rather frustrating problem when exporting to EPUB.


      My Drop Caps span only 2 lines, and they display just fine within InDesign itself. Yet, when exporting to EPUB, there's a large space after the Drop Cap. It;s really ugly and screws up the text flow, of course. How do I eliminate this problem??


      I'm new to InDesign, so a step-by-step would be great! In case it;s needed, here's the style setup for this paragraph:


      1. First two words are small-capped AND bolded


      2. First letter is, additionally, drop-capped (2 lines)


      The styles are applied separately - no nesting. I can use either CS5 or CS5.5, if that makes a difference. If you have any other questions to help me resolve this, please feel free to ask. Thanks!