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    Inherited files show blown ligatures

    tbfa Level 1

      CS4 -- I've inherited files from an early version of InDesign.  The styles did not come across and the liguature setting was evidently 'on' in the old files;  now, the ligs are blown and don't show up.


      I've chagned the para style font to Minion Pro -- which does sport ligatures -- and turned it on, but still the ligs are blown, or show up as white space.


      Is there a global way I can 'find' for ligatures in 240 pages, without have to ride all the pages?



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Did you try Find Font? I have a feeling the ligatures may be set in an "expert" version of the original font if it was an old T1 or TT font. If that's the case, it may also mean that they are mapped to some odd character, and not the the two- or three-glyph combos that you expect, so you may need to make a list (by goning through and finding a bunch of them, then changing the font manually to see what you get) and run several Find/Change oeprations to fix it.

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            tbfa Level 1

            Peter, thanks!  You're right, the ligatures were set to use Adobe 

            Caslon.......but I found no reference to that in the para 

            style.....how does one set a different type font to apply to a 

            ligature inside a word, when the rest of the characters use anotehr 

            font?  I couldn't find any reference to it in the help file.......it 

            says the test must be 'selected' in order to turn on ligatures.....


            You say to 'see what you get' after changing the font manually, but 

            when I do that, i get a capital W instead of the ligature.......


            Sorry to belabour this......



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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              OK, we're getting someplace. Doe the Adobe Caslon show up in Find Font? Does it show as missing? If yest o both we're in pretty good shape, I think.


              It's possible that the ligatures have an assigned character style (even possible it's a nested style in the paragraph style) but the goal here is to elimiante anything special about the ligatures. We need to do that in several steps, I think.


              First is to be sure that the ligature characters are in some font that is NOT USED anywhere else in the file. I'm hoping that Find Font says the font is missing, becuse then you can Change All to some other really obvious font that contrasts with your text, but is actually on the system. Once you ve got an isolated font, I would run the following GREP Find/Change query to make it even easier to find the ligatures:


              Find .+ and set the find formatting in Basic Character attribute to the font assigned to the ligatures.


              Leave the change filed blank, or use $0 and set the change formatting  use a red character color. Change all.


              Your ligatures should now jump off the page as red whatevers.


              The next part is to figure out what each one is. W must be one of them, and you'll find others. To fix them you'll do a series of Find/Change searches, looking for the various letters you find in the Find What field ( you can use either Text or GREP for this part), set the find format to red and the odd font, and in the Change To field enter the ligature as multiple characters (i.e. as ff or fl), and set the change format to the font and color of the regular text. You'll need to repeat this for each odd character/ligature mapping you find.

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                tbfa Level 1

                Wow, Peter, thanks for your indulgence....let me experiement with what 

                you 've given me. And thanks again!