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    UT codec - unneeded bytes at end of file

    joe bloe premiere Level 5

      I have taken delivery of a couple of hours of film transfer in the
      form of ginourmous 20 minute long 1920x1080 23.976 fps 10bit
      uncompressed QT files.
      I used Media Encoder to flip these files into manageable segments
      by employing the UT YUV422 1920x1080 23.976fps codec.


      While all of the resulting UT media seems perfectly intact, some of
      the encoded .avi files are reported by GSpot (v2.70a) as having
      "#X# GB unneeded bytes at end of file", while other identically
      encoded UT files state "File Length Correct".




      There are no file length anomalies reported by Mediainfo (v0.7.7.4),
      or in the media file Properties within Premiere.


      Anyone with insights?

      Should this be a concern?