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    sound cutting out in a .mov file




      I am cutting together a video composed of clips of several different file types.  I am having trouble with a .mov file- the sound cuts out on me 3-4 seconds in.  The video is fine all the way through, I just lose the sound.  It seems to not be importing, as the audio flatlines in the timeline, but it could be some other problem.  The clip plays perfectly well in Quicktime, but it is the only .mov file I am using, so I have no basis for comparison.


      System details:


      Premiere elements 9

      Windows 7 64 bit

      Nvidia GeForce GT 220


      Everything is updated (as is Quicktime itself).  If it is an incompatible or redundant codec, I am not sure how to go about determining what would need to be disabled/uninstalled.  The only thing I have noticed that probably poses a problem is that the source and project audio formats for this file does not match- 7875 Hz source vs 8000 Hz project (this is by far the lowest quality clip, if that matters).  The other clips I used successfully did not have this internal discrepancy.  Additionally, this file is 8-bit while everything else is 16 or 32.


      Thanks for your help!