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    Audio stream won't play in Premiere, but does in FCP?

    Seth Eskigian

      I got some footage to edit from a director who shot the project on the Sony XDCam3. He then converted the footage to MOV's in a software that Sony provides so he could give it to me to edit. He wants the project edited in Premiere Pro 5.5 because that's what he's got on his machine and if he wants to, he'd like to make changes later on. So, the problem is the footage imports fine. The video stream is there and plays, but the audio stream just seems empty. It's there, but no audio. I then tested the same clip in FCP and it works perfectly. Plays fine, video and audio. I'm not sure what the issue is. I'm attaching a screen shot of the specs on the clips if that might help get to the bottom of what my issue is. Thanks so much for any help on this! footage Info.jpg