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    Flash builder 4.5.1 ios build fails with error map failed


      I have built several test app with flash builder 4.5 and now 4.5.1.  I am working on an app for ipad, but when I run a test build it runs for several minutes as if it is going to create the ipa, but then error out and displays the following error message:


      message title: Problem occured


      'Launching [name of configuration] has encountered a problem.


      Error occurred while packaging the application:


      Map failed


      that's it, no other reference.  I have searched for any reference to this problem and haven't been able to find one.  When I first packaged a much simpler version of the app, it created an ipa just fine.


      Can someone help me.



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          I've got the same problem.

          I've successfully built an app for my iPad use Ad hop Package option in FB 4.5.1 win Xp 10 days ago.

          Now I'm back from vacation, and the same app, with minimal change code can't be packaged onto an IPA.

          Each time, I've got an error message "Map failed" when I try to package it.


          I haven't changed anything (same SDK, same certificate) and I've juste changed few code lines, without adding anything, so this is very strange.

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            korosif Level 1

            I did a reboot of my PC, and I now am able to package my app for iOS.

            So if anyone encountered this "map failed" error message, try to reboot.

            If It happened for me again, I'll file a bug in the JIRA, but it seems hard to reproduce.

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              korosif Level 1

              Well, it's kind of a nightmare actually.

              Each time I want to make an IPA for my iPad with export release build feature, I have to reboot my computer.

              Otherwise, I always got the "map failed" error.

              And even with a reboot, 20% of time, I also got the error.


              My project is including a 120 mb SQLite DB, so is it a size problem?


              I really can't work like that, but I don't know how to fix the problem.

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                korosif Level 1

                Still have this problem. Major workflow pain...


                Does anybody from Adobe have an idea?

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                  I cant export even after reboot. It is really big( .fxp file hase 680 MB) and i cant do anything

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                    When I was try to build a debug iOS version, I got this error, too.(release version is ok)


                    For the project I was use Flex SDK 4.5.1 and AIR 3 SDK.


                    blew is the log, I copyed from {flash builder workspace}/.metadata/.log


                    !STACK 0


                              at com.adobe.flexbuilder.project.internal.FlexProjectCore.createErrorStatus(FlexProjectCore. java:1010)

                              at com.adobe.flexbuilder.util.logging.GlobalLogImpl.log(GlobalLogImpl.java:66)

                              at com.adobe.flexbuilder.util.logging.GlobalLog.log(GlobalLog.java:52)

                              at com.adobe.flexide.multiplatform.ios.packaging.IPAPackager.create(IPAPackager.java:220)

                              at com.adobe.flexide.multiplatform.ios.launching.IOSOnDeviceLaunchHandler.doPackage(IOSOnDev iceLaunchHandler.java:283)

                              at com.adobe.flexide.multiplatform.ios.launching.IOSOnDeviceLaunchHandler.launch(IOSOnDevice LaunchHandler.java:181)

                              at com.adobe.flexide.launching.multiplatform.MultiPlatformLaunchDelegate.launch(MultiPlatfor mLaunchDelegate.java:180)

                              at com.adobe.flexide.launching.AbstractFlexLaunchDelegate.launch(AbstractFlexLaunchDelegate. java:238)

                              at com.adobe.flexide.launching.AbstractFlexLaunchDelegate.launch(AbstractFlexLaunchDelegate. java:132)

                              at org.eclipse.debug.internal.core.LaunchConfiguration.launch(LaunchConfiguration.java:853)

                              at org.eclipse.debug.internal.core.LaunchConfiguration.launch(LaunchConfiguration.java:702)

                              at org.eclipse.debug.internal.ui.DebugUIPlugin.buildAndLaunch(DebugUIPlugin.java:923)

                              at org.eclipse.debug.internal.ui.DebugUIPlugin$8.run(DebugUIPlugin.java:1126)

                              at org.eclipse.core.internal.jobs.Worker.run(Worker.java:54)



                    !ENTRY com.adobe.flexbuilder.project 4 43 2011-11-22 22:10:54.816

                    !MESSAGE Error occurred while packaging the application:



                    Map failed


                    even I try to change sdk with FLEX 4.5 and AIR 2.6, the error was still here.


                    And I try to build debug project in Flash Pro. It was OK.


                    So I think it was an flashbuilder bug.


                    My project only 137Megabytes

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                      Voltage Boy

                      I also experienced the same thing: "Error occurred while packaging the application:  Map failed"


                      My Setup:

                      Win 7

                      Flash Builder 4.5

                      ( Building for the Apple iOS )


                      However, I fixed the problem. I was unknowingly trying to include a 150Mb folder in the package. Once I excluded this folder, it built succesfully.


                      Background story: I had been working on this app and had gotten to the point where I was working with some content that was using relative paths. Rather than pulling from the web, I put the 150Mb folder with the respective content into my development folder ( bin-debug ). What Flash Builder automatically did, unbeknownst to me, was include it in the build.  ( By the way, I at that point I had no point compiling for the desktop, but it wasn't until I built it for the phone did I get the error. )


                      Here's where to check to see what's being included in the packaging:


                      by going to Project / Properties, then ActionScriptBuild Packaging / Apple iOS, then click the tab Packaging Contents.   It was in there were I could see that my folder "content" had a check next to it. I unchecked that and I was good to go.


                      Hope this helps someone.

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                        I am also having this problem. Rebooting my computer actually got it to build once. But never again. I have only seen one iPad build thus far. Every other time, I see "Map Failed" no matter what I try.

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                          NFB_VM Level 1

                          I am also getting this "Map Failed" error when trying to export a release build for iOS.

                          Win 7

                          Flash Builder 4.6

                          8GB RAM


                          Interestingly I am also occasionally getting the "Unknown problem" Flex Problem, which sometimes goes away if I restart Flash Builder and do a Project > Clean.

                          This "Unknown problem" prevents testing in Desktop mode. When the "Uknown problem" goes away, Flash Builder is able to compile the Desktop build, but can't Export a release build without the "Map Failed" error.


                          I tried running the same source on a Macbook Pro (8GB RAM) and did not have the same issues - it compiled successfully!


                          My project has a lot of audio and SWC files (100+files totaling around 300MB), so I suspect I might be pushing the memory limits of the Flash Builder compiler.

                          On the Windows machine I tried setting the XX:MaxPermSize higher (from 128 to 1024), but Flash Builder won't boot for any values larger than 448m.

                          On the Macbook machine I set the XX:MaxPermSize to 1024 and everything is compiling nicely.


                          So I hope someone at Adobe can fix this issue on Windows machine. We need a way to allocate more memory to Flash Builder.

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                            First i was getting Java Heap space Error when i tried  to export a release build for IOS on windows.

                            Then i did these changes to FlashBuilder.ini









                            After that i retried to export a release build for IOS but then i get this  "Map Failed" error.

                            And previouly when i got a export releae build done on windows the app runs only on IPAD2 but not on IPAD3.But when i try doing the same thing on Macbook it works fine.

                            I think  there are lots of issues on windows machine.