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    help pls! CS4 freezing when editing


      This issue has begun in the past couple weeks and I'm not sure why it's suddenly occurring:


      Every time I try to edit a paragraph whose first line is indented to wrap around an anchored object (that is also text wrapped with a custom alignment to the text cap-height), the program freezes. It seems to be okay until I try to indent the line, or if the line is already indented, it is alright untilI make the anchored object have the custom alignment. I've tried copy/pasting the text I'm using into a non-rich-text editor and then copy/pasting it into InDesign, saving the file to inx or idml format, verifying and repairing preferences, reinstalling InDesign (which seemed to reset my preferences), building the file from scratch using the freshly installed InDesign as well as doing that with a new user account and I still run into problems. All fonts in my file have been verified to be without corruption and it does not seem to matter if the anchored object does not have any contents.


      I'm not surewhat else I can do besides a clean wipe at this point so I'd be super grateful for a solution. Thanks!


      Mac OSX 10.6.8 (snow leopard)

      InDesign CS4

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Try turning off Live Preflight.

          Otherwise, run Activity Monitor and go to Sample Process, save the file, and upload it to pastebin.com (do not upload it to this forum!!), and then provide the link in a forum post. We'll take a look and can tell you what InDesign is doing when it hangs.

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            d-whoah Level 1

            Hey thanks for the quick response! Unfortunately turning off Live Preflight hasn't made an impact.


            I've uploaded the indd file to a temp page for downloading (sorry, i knew little about the sample process thing so I found it daunting): http://d-whoah.com/clients/help


            Username: adobe

            pw: help


            After downloading the single page indd file, if you click on the text next to the first anchored object and try to edit the first line left indent to something (36 pts) that's when it freezes on me.


            Crossing my fingers you can figure it out! Thanks in advance!!

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              d-whoah Level 1

              Here's my sample process thing url: http://pastebin.com/hrmAGGQY


              Easier than I thought! Thanks again!

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                John Hawkinson Level 5



                You appear to have run Sample Process in Activity Monitor with the wrong process selected -- you selected Activity Monitor rather than InDesign. I guess I gave bad instructions. But in any case, since you provided the INDD file, I was able to replicate the problem.


                Forcing a cash gives a stack trace like this:


                Thread 0 Crashed:  Dispatch queue: com.apple.main-thread
                0   com.adobe.InDesign.BNCore          0x3eeb40c1 GetPlugIn + 33201
                1   ...InDesign.Paragraph Composer     0x42820fee GetPlugIn + 43854
                2   ...InDesign.Paragraph Composer     0x428191df GetPlugIn + 11583
                3   ...InDesign.Paragraph Composer     0x4281be61 GetPlugIn + 22977
                4   ...InDesign.Paragraph Composer     0x42816f9d GetPlugIn + 2813
                5   com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x3329fd22 GetPlugIn + 1644386
                6   com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332c0701 GetPlugIn + 1777985
                7   com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332c0812 GetPlugIn + 1778258
                8   com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x33266921 GetPlugIn + 1409889
                9   com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332669ca GetPlugIn + 1410058
                10  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x331bcf7b GetPlugIn + 715195
                11  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332b0551 GetPlugIn + 1712017
                12  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332b119b GetPlugIn + 1715163
                13  ...InDesign.Paragraph Composer     0x42852c61 GetPlugIn + 247745
                14  ...InDesign.Paragraph Composer     0x4281a59b GetPlugIn + 16635
                15  ...InDesign.Paragraph Composer     0x4281c09c GetPlugIn + 23548
                16  ...InDesign.Paragraph Composer     0x428170d7 GetPlugIn + 3127
                17  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332b2b66 GetPlugIn + 1721766
                18  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332bb858 GetPlugIn + 1757848
                19  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332bd594 GetPlugIn + 1765332
                20  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332bd9b7 GetPlugIn + 1766391
                21  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332c1968 GetPlugIn + 1782696
                22  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x33101571 0x33100000 + 5489
                23  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332a4f5e GetPlugIn + 1665438
                24  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332ccb72 GetPlugIn + 1828274
                25  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x3310185b 0x33100000 + 6235
                26  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332cfd79 GetPlugIn + 1841081
                27  ....InDesign.Generic Page Item     0x35bc081b GetPlugIn + 129819
                28  com.adobe.InDesign.Layout UI       0x30682224 GetPlugIn + 329124
                29  WidgetBinLib.dylib                 0x028330df BaseHitTestHandlerImpl::HandleFrameItem(IVisitorHelper*, IBaseVisitor*) + 31
                30  ....InDesign.Generic Page Item     0x35bc0545 GetPlugIn + 129093
                31  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x332cd53e GetPlugIn + 1830782
                32  ....InDesign.Generic Page Item     0x35bc0859 GetPlugIn + 129881
                33  com.adobe.InDesign.Layout UI       0x30682224 GetPlugIn + 329124
                34  WidgetBinLib.dylib                 0x028330af BaseHitTestHandlerImpl::HandleMultiColumnFrameItem(IVisitorHelper*, IBaseVisitor*) + 31
                35  ....InDesign.Generic Page Item     0x35bc0515 GetPlugIn + 129045
                36  com.adobe.InDesign.Text            0x331c848e GetPlugIn + 761550
                37  ....InDesign.Generic Page Item     0x35bc0859 GetPlugIn + 129881
                38  com.adobe.InDesign.Layout UI       0x30681324 GetPlugIn + 325284
                39  ....InDesign.Generic Page Item     0x35bc04e5 GetPlugIn + 128997
                40  com.adobe.InDesign.Utilities       0x308d052e 0x308c8000 + 34094
                41  ....InDesign.Generic Page Item     0x35bc0859 GetPlugIn + 129881
                42  WidgetBinLib.dylib                 0x028341b5 BaseHitTestHandlerImpl::DoHandleSpreadLayer(IVisitorHelper*, IBaseVisitor*, BaseHitTestHandlerImpl::MasterPageHandlerTreatment, BaseHitTestHandlerImpl::LockedLayerTreatment) + 533
                43  com.adobe.InDesign.Layout UI       0x3067fff6 GetPlugIn + 320374
                44  WidgetBinLib.dylib                 0x02833082 BaseHitTestHandlerImpl::HandleSpreadLayer(IVisitorHelper*, IBaseVisitor*) + 50
                45  ....InDesign.Generic Page Item     0x35bc0485 GetPlugIn + 128901
                46  com.adobe.InDesign.Layer           0x2f28a1be GetPlugIn + 11742
                47  ....InDesign.Generic Page Item     0x35bc0859 GetPlugIn + 129881
                48  WidgetBinLib.dylib                 0x0283444f BaseHitTestHandlerImpl::HandleSpread(IVisitorHelper*, IBaseVisitor*) + 351
                49  com.adobe.InDesign.Layout UI       0x3067ff58 GetPlugIn + 320216
                50  ....InDesign.Generic Page Item     0x35bc0455 GetPlugIn + 128853
                51  com.adobe.InDesign.Spread          0x3540c43e GetPlugIn + 228334
                52  com.adobe.InDesign.Layout UI       0x306343c8 GetPlugIn + 10056
                53  com.adobe.InDesign.Layout UI       0x30633256 GetPlugIn + 5590
                54  com.adobe.InDesign.Layout UI       0x305be79d 0x305b1000 + 55197
                55  com.adobe.InDesign.Text Editor     0x30530998 GetPlugIn + 6984
                56  ...obe.InDesign.Application UI     0x2fb52a3b 0x2fb46000 + 51771
                57  ...obe.InDesign.Application UI     0x2fb53273 0x2fb46000 + 53875
                58  ...obe.InDesign.Application UI     0x2fb532b1 0x2fb46000 + 53937
                59  ...adobe.InDesign.AppFramework     0x2f8c5a98 GetPlugIn + 221384
                60  ...adobe.InDesign.AppFramework     0x2f8c690e GetPlugIn + 225086
                61  ...adobe.InDesign.AppFramework     0x2f870638 0x2f86d000 + 13880
                62  ...adobe.InDesign.AppFramework     0x2f893b3e GetPlugIn + 16750
                63  com.adobe.InDesign                 0x000026eb main + 187
                64  com.adobe.InDesign                 0x00001fb2 start + 258
                65  com.adobe.InDesign                 0x00001ed9 start + 41


                I'm not quite sure what BNCore is -- oh! Bullets and Numbering (core).


                You seem to have defined a bunch of styles about bullets, though I don't actually see you using the bullets and numbering feature in InDesign. But I would mess around with your bullet settings (do you know where they are being invoked?) and see if you can find the source of the problem.

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                  d-whoah Level 1

                  Hi John,


                  Thanks for tinkering with my file (and navigating my novice sample process attempt haha!). You're right--I didn't use the bullets and numbering feature, I dealt with bullets by specifying indents in my paragraph styles and a font for the bullet in my character styles and then manually typed the glyph in instead. Thus, I'm not really sure when the bullets and numbering feature came into play--in fact, I didn't even know the feature existed before your investigation!


                  Now that I know the root issue, I think we could be getting close; however, since I never applied the feature in the first place (at least not intentionally...maybe it's applied in the area and I can't detect it as I navigate my cursor through the text), I'm not quite sure how to turn it off or tweak it. Since it seems to be having issues when I edit or try to make a dropped anchored object + paragraph indent, does this mean it's applied somewhere where the anchored object + paragraph indent are?


                  I looked in my bullets and numbering section in my paragraph styles and paragraph panel and both have "none" selected. My bullets and numbering list menu also seems to have nothing but a default in there. Is there a way to reset the default or even see what's going on in there to see if it's calling up something like a corrupted font or something? I can't imagine that's the case since I did a fresh install of InDesign a couple days ago but that's all I can think of with my limited knowledge...


                  Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks for your time!




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                    John Hawkinson Level 5

                    I was hoping that you had used the Bullets and Numbering feature, and I just didn't find it. Apparently not.

                    I'm not quite sure what to do next, perhaps someone else will have a good idea.


                    It's pretty clearly not a corrupted font, since I see the problem and it would be pretty impressive for you to corrupt a font on my system.


                    Incidently, the crash doesn't happen in CS5...

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                      d-whoah Level 1

                      Thanks for ruling out the font issue and narrowing it down to the BNCore line! Even though we haven't found a solution yet I think getting closer to the root of what it is and isn't is definitely helpful and hopefully someone else will know where to go from here!


                      Thanks again!


                      PS-Not to distract from my problem at hand, but as an aside: are you on Snow Leopard or Lion (prepping for the worst case scenario where no fix=an upgrade to CS5)?

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                        John Hawkinson Level 5

                        You should not use Lion. Adobe apps aren't ready for it yet.

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                          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                          Actually, I would put it somewhat differently. Apple's MacOS 10.7 release failed to maintain compatibility with existing applications violating a fundamental principle of operating system development in terms of ongoing support of existing applications without having to rewrite or update such applications.


                          Perhaps 10.7.1 or later updates will fix some of these operating system incompatibilities!!!!


                                    - Dov

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                            d-whoah Level 1

                            Ah, thanks guys for the caution on the Lion. So stick with the Snow Leopard and the issue mysteriously disappears on CS5 (or did you test on CS5.5?)...

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                              d-whoah Level 1

                              But back to the issue at hand, if anyone can figure out my bullets and numbering issue, I'd be especially grateful! Adobe support got back to me and will not answer my question so I'm now depending on the user community at large! Crossing my fingers and many thanks!!

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                                John Hawkinson Level 5

                                the issue mysteriously disappears on CS5 (or did you test on CS5.5?)...

                                I thought I was clear enough:


                                Incidently, the crash doesn't happen in CS5...

                                I didn't bother to test it under CS5.5, though I'd be quite surprised if it returned.


                                Still waiting for some Peter (et al) suggestions.

                                You might also see if it is related to your anchored frame...

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                                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                  John Hawkinson wrote:


                                  Still waiting for some Peter (et al) suggestions.


                                  I thought you were doing fine without me, but since you called...


                                  There's something magic about the number 36 and the width of the text frame. If you use the bumper button to change the inset it works up through 35 points, then freezes. If you make the frame wider, 36 works fine.


                                  I suspect there's a bug someplace, based on John saying that it works in CS5, and that it is not a "fixable" problem in this file in CS4. It doesn't seem responsive to export to .inx which further suggests it is not corruption.


                                  A word about the structure of the file, which I did not pull apart extensively, but may have something to do with the problem. The entire heading seems to have a character style applied (and overridden) in addition to the paragraph style, and the anchored frame itself has a second character style applied which is totally unnecessary, I think. Character styles are for changing the formating of isolated special case text, not entire paragraphs. You might be used to working in Quark where applying both was standard, but in ID, the paragraph style carries the basic formatting for the entire paragraph. If you need something different you creat a new paragraph style rather than applying a character style. You might find that if you clean up the styles things will work better.

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                                    d-whoah Level 1

                                    Hi Peter and John,


                                    Thank you both for your continued responsiveness! This community has been such a relief to have while dealing with this stressful issue!


                                    It's true, I think it may have something to do with my anchored object (since I can indent fine without a dropped anchored object) as well as the weird number (since I had noticed that it's alright until 35 pts as well, although for some reason I didn't check 37+. Good thinking!). I didn't realize that it not fixing in .inx indicated a lack of corruption. That's good to know. In a way, a bug would be a relief since that would mean it's not my doing.


                                    I also had no idea bout paragraph styles intending to replace whole areas without the need of character styles although I was wondering why it forced us to define character styles within the paragraph styles (I never really worked in Quark) . At any rate, now that I know better, I did try to clean that area up. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to help with this particular issue, but it definitely doesn't hurt to design in a more clean fashion from now on so I will continue to design with limited styling. Thanks for pointing that out!


                                    I've gotten my query "accelerated" but it still might take Adobe 1-2 weeks to respond, so I'm crossing my fingers for a solution that will come around within this week that my project is due. In the meantime, I have downloaded the latest InDesign version to work with the file (since John noted the issue didn't exist in subsequent versions) as a workaround.


                                    Thanks so much again and if you think of any other solutions or find a possible fix I'd be more than happy to try it!

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                                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                      The failure of .inx to fix the problem doesn't guarantee it's not corruption,but given that three of us see the same things, and the behavior changes with version and when you modify the frame, it seems pretty unlikely.


                                      Are you paying for tech support on this with Adobe? I doubt they'll do anything for free, and may not have anything to offer for the fee.

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                                        d-whoah Level 1

                                        I see. Yes, and I think since the three of us have been able to replicate the problem across computers means it's not an issue with messed up preferences either (which was suggested to me in the very beginning before I started this thread).


                                        I am paying for Adobe's tech support since I was afraid designing in the future would be a nightmare if I continued to experience problems everytime I tried to indent a paragraph or drop an anchored object to cap height. I am worried about whether they will be able to find a solution but I wanted to be sure I tried everything I could. According to the guy I spoke with on the phone, if they determine it's a bug, the fee for the tech support would be refunded (but alas, not the cost of the buggy software itself).


                                        I suppose alternately I could just never ever design to 36 pts ever again! But I'll try the latter versions of InDesign for now until the cause or solution is established.


                                        Let me know if you think of anything else that could be causing the error! Thanks again! Very grateful for you guys already!!

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                                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                          As I think I said earlier, there's something magic about the width of that frame and the 36 points. Try changing the width just a little (you should be able to adjust the margins or gutters enough without making it obvious), and see if it works.