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    More Dynamic Link Discoveries

    lasvideo Level 4

      Today I started a new project that is motion graphics and effects intensive. I experienced some things I thought I would share with those forum members that use DL often

          The first thing I discovered is that importing an already existing AE project into PrP can be problematic. I decided to test some creative ideas in AE that involve 10 layers of JPEG stills sized from 2580 x 1672 (8 bit images on white that are luma keyed with Primatte over a background image in a 2.5D environment) to a 1920 x 1080 comp exactly like the PrP project I would eventually import it into.. I imported the AE Project into PrP. I had 2 identical sequences , One  AJA and 1  Adobe . I added the imported AE DL sequence to the tail of both PrP sequences. That's when things went south. I would place the playback head on the AE clip and it took several minutes to see it. Then I would place the playback head on the regular 1920 x 1080 photo JPEG clip (stock footage) and it took a while to read that. This very slow clip identification problem happened on both the AJA and the Adobe sequences.I deleted all media/cache/render files and things were still bogged down.

           I tossed out the AE Project and started again. This time I created only an Adobe sequence in PrP and placed the background still on the timeline . Then I  dynamically linked the still to AE where I did the same layering process described above. I saved in AE as I built layer by layer  then toggled and saved in PrP to confirm things were working correctly. They were. PrP was happy and could identify both the stock footage and the AE DL project quick as you please. I hesitate to make any generalizations, but will try in the future to continue with this workflow to keep everybody happy.